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//Asia Pacific Tenders & Contracts
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Pertamina Hulu Goes Out On Its Own In Indonesia

Reports are now emerging that PERTAMINA Hulu Energi North Sumatra Offshore (PHE NSO) has issued a market inquiry for a MDW floating rig to undertake a one-year drilling program in Block NSO off Sumatra. Work is said to consist of a P&A program lasting around 125 days plus a 240-day, three-well exploration campaign in around 338' of water. The operator had attached two wells to a tender put out by PERTAMINA Drilling Services (PDSI) on behalf of TAC PERTAMINA Blue Sky Langsa. As there appears to be no progress on that tender, PHE NSO has now opted to go on [...]

KNOC Looking For Jackup

KNOC has issued a market survey regarding jackup availability for an exploration well in the Rong Doi Moi field in Block 11-2 off Vietnam. The 70-day well is currently scheduled to begin in 2Q/2018. Water depth in the field is around 230' and leg penetrations between 98' to 131' are expected. The operator has previously issued a market survey in February 2016 for an extended reach well, but has now opted for the standalone exploration well.

Bids Turned In For PTTEP Myanmar Drilling Program

Bids were due August 31 to PTTEP for its tender for a DW floating rig to drill eight slim-hole wells in Blocks M9/M11 in the Zawtika field and one well in Block MD-7 off Myanmar. Water depths in the two areas range from 660' to as deep as 6,560'. Start date is February 2018 and reports say 10 rig owners were invited to submit bids. A moored DW or combination DP/moored semi is required for the drilling, which is expected to last 6-8 months.

West Vencedor Contract Extended

Market reports say Medco Energi has exercised three of nine priced option wells it had available on Seadrill semi tender West Vencedor (6,561'). The new term in Block B off Indonesia is said to have begun earlier this month with the 40-day wells expected to keep the rig busy into November. Medco contracted the tender unit under a five-month (three wells) plus options contract that started in March. Medco Energi acquired Block B and other Indonesian assets from ConocoPhillips in 2016.

Pertamina Hulu Jackup Bids Now Out

PERTAMINA Hulu Mahakam has now made bid documents available for pickup by rig owners bidding on its two-year jackup requirement in the East Kalimantan area off Indonesia. It is understood a mandatory prebid meeting will be held August 25, with bids due September 19. Rig requirements include a 350' jackup built after 2000 with 434' of usable leg below the hull, a 70' x 30' cantilever envelope, a minimum of 3 x 2,200 HP, 7,500 psi mud pumps and 3,000 HP drawworks. Drilling is scheduled to begin 1Q/2018, with a local content requirement of 35%. PERTAMINA received pre-qualification documents from [...]

Chevron Australia Semi Bid Deadline Extended Again

Chevron has extended its bid deadline a second time for its upcoming Gorgon Gas Stage 2 development drilling program off Australia. Bids are now due August 31, a week later than the previous deadline. The program has two potential work scopes; 11 wells over a two-year period plus four option wells or 11 wells over 2.5 years plus four option wells. Start date is scheduled for late 2018 or early 2019 in water depths ranging from 650' to 4,430'. It is understood Chevron is requiring a rig with a 12-point mooring system or a combination moored, DP2/3 system keeping system.

UMW Secures Contract With Repsol Malaysia

Repsol has awarded a contract for the provision of jackup UMW Naga 5 (400'-IC) for one year of work plus a one-year option, covering operations offshore Malaysia. The campaign will begin in mid-September, shortly after the rig completes its current contract with Petrofac offshore Malaysia.

CPOC Reviews Jackup Bids

CPOC has now received bids from contractors for its tender for a jackup to conduct the Phase IV development project in Blocks B17 and C-19 in the Joint Development Area between Malaysia and Thailand. The workscope is 30 wells for the firm period scheduled to commence in March or April 2018. The firm duration will be around 18 months with four 3-month options available. Vantage jackup Aquamarine Driller is currently on charter to CPOC until March 2018.

Petronas Awards One-Well Contract To PV Drilling

PV Drilling has been awarded a one-well contract from Petronas Cagigali for a 34-day well off Malaysia. Jackup PV Drilling III (400'-IC) will begin work once it completes its current contract for Thang Long JOC, which is expected shortly. Unless further work is secured, the rig will be complete the Petronas work in early October and will be idle until March 2018 when it will undertake a one-year plus one-year option, six-well program in the Bunga Pakma Field in Block CAA PM3 for Repsol Sinopec.

PV Drilling Awarded KrisEnergy Contract

Market sources say that PV Drilling has been awarded the 90-day contract from KrisEnergy. Drilling with jackup PV Drilling I (350'-IC) will take place in the Wassana Field in Block G10/48 starting on 09-10/2017. The rig has just completed a contract.

Lundin Malaysia Review Jackup Bids

Lundin have taken in bids against their tender for a jackup for a 2 development well charter to begin in the second half of September or the first half of October this year. A 400ft capable rig is required to drill the wells off the Bertam platform in Block PM307. The duration of the charter is estimated at 3 months. Lundin last drilled in the block in 2015 using Seadrill jackup West Prospero.

Pertamina Tender Updates

Pertamina Hulu Mahakam’s tender for two swamp barges for 1+1 year terms starting in early 2018 is drawing near to a year in gestation and is still in the technical evaluation stage. It remains difficult to comprehend why it takes so long. The tender requires Indonesian ownership which puts Apexindo in pole position with a choice of three suitable Indonesian flagged rigs that have worked for in Mahakam field for a decade of more and therefore hardly un-known technically. It is not as if there are many qualified bidders or even many swamp barges around. The ten-der was issued in [...]

Repsol’s Vietnam Tender Continues To Progress

Repsol’s tender for a floater for its Ca Rong Do drilling program in Blocks 135 & 136/03 is in the clarification stage. The 5+8 well program is due to commence in Q1 2018 in 320m water depths. The firm duration is 216 days with another 258 days potential options. Although it is a mid water requirement it is almost certain to be fulfilled with one of the region’s ultra deepwater rigs. Repsol have Odfjell UDW drillship Deepsea Metro 1 on charter at present though under force majeure after China pressured Vietnam to stop drilling in the disputed waters around the [...]

HCML Continues To Progress With Jackup Tender

Husky-CNOOC continues to make heavy weather of the tender for a jackup for their MBH, MDA and MDK development drilling project in the Madura Sea, having now invited the six qualified contractors to pick up tender documents for their latest re-tender. A pre-bid meeting was held on 11 August and attended by representatives of Apexindo, COSL, Seadrill, JDC, KS Drilling and Shelf. Bids are now due in on 29 August. The 7+2 well program is scheduled to commence in Q4 this year.

PTTEP Combines Floater Tender

Probably recognizing the dearth of mid water floaters in the region PTTEP in Myanmar have combined their two drilling programs into one and issued a tender for a moored floating rig capable of working in just 200m as well as in 2000m water depths. The shallow water program is for 8 appraisal wells in slim hole mode in the Zawtika field in Blocks M9/M11, likely to last between 6-8 months and the deep-water drilling will be in Block MW-07 for between 1 and 3 wells. Commencement is set for February 2018.

JDC Secures Mubadala Malaysia Contract

The region’s sole remaining operational mid water floater, Hakuryu 5, has picked up another charter, this time with Mubadala in Malaysia. Mubadala had initially joined with Shell who have just contracted the UDW semi Deepwater Nautilus which presumably did not suit Mubadala because they pulled out of the tender and went in alone. The two well charter with Mubadala in Block SK320 will commence in January and will partially fill the gap in the rigs contract portfolio between finishing with Gazprom in Sakhalin in October / November and commencing a 102 day charter with Rosneft in Vietnam in April next [...]

KrisEnergy Thailand Finalizes Jackup Contract

KrisEnergy are understood to have now selected another jackup after their first choice, Topaz Driller, was snapped up before they could confirm the award. The two well program is set to start this quarter and is expected to take between 2-3 months. Hot favourite is Seadrill’s West Cressida currently with PCPP in Malaysia until at least October.

Eni Australia Tendering For A Floater

Eni’s Australian drilling campaigns which have been on and off since 2014 have finally reached tendering stage. Following their last market survey in June last year Eni have now tendered for a floater for 6 well abandonments in the Woolybutt field in WA-25-L and a 70-day well in JPDA 11-06 in the Timor Sea. There is also an option for a further well to be drilled in the Timor Sea area. Maximum water depths are 265m and commencement is set for April 2018.

Transocean Secures Shell Malaysia Contract

Transocean’s Deepwater Nautilus has picked up a 4+11 well charter with Sarawak Shell. The rig has been contracted by Shell in the Gulf of Mexico since 2008 and arrived in Malaysia in August 2016 to be stacked on contract until the completion of its current contract on 28 August this year. Shell had tendered in December last for a moored mid water floater to work in up to 500m water depths and have instead chartered a moored UDW floater capable of working in 2500m water depths; sign of the times. The charter is set to start in Q4 and if [...]

POSCO-Daewoo Bid Deadline Extended

POSCO-Daewoo has extended the closing date for its MDW floating rig tender from August 16 to August 31. The program will be for eight wells; four in the Shwe Field and four in the Mya South Subsea field in Blocks A-1 and A-3, with operations starting 4Q/2019. Water depths in the area are around 2,130'.

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