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BP (APAC) 2017-08-10T11:48:08+00:00

Project Description

2508, 2017

ENSCO 106 Preparing For BP Indonesia Contract

Jackup ENSCO 106 (400'-IC) has completed operations in Block B15 for Sapura Energy, completing the contract. It is now mobilizing to Singapore where it will undergo contract preparations for its upcoming five-year plus three-year option program with BP in the Tangguh PSC off Indonesia, with work starting in December.

1208, 2017

BP Still Looking For Work For Ocean GreatWhite

Diamond Offshore, in their latest Conference Call stated that they were still actively engaged with BP in looking for alternative work for their new build harsh environment semi Ocean GreatWhite which has been stacked in Labuan since delivery in January. The rig is on a standby rate under a 3 year plus options contract and was meant to have drilled for BP in the Great Australian Bight before the operator cancelled its drilling plans.

108, 2017

BP Indonesia Brings Forward Commencement Date

BP Indonesia and Ensco have now brought forward the commencement date of the 5+3 year contract awarded to jackup Ensco 106. The rig, which is currently in Malaysia working for Sapura Energy until September, will now begin its charter at Tangguh in West Papua in December instead of early 2018 as previously planned. The rig will next be available in December 2022 at the earliest.

2907, 2017

Drillship Discoverer Luanda Reported To Be On Standby Rate

Another Transocean UDW unit, drillship Discoverer Luanda, is reported to by on a standby rate of $431,000 a day whilst seeing out its contract with BP which ends in February 2018. The rig recently arrived from Angola and is stacked in Labuan beside another BP contracted unit on standby under contract, Ocean GreatWhite. Transocean also has Deepwater Nautilus stacked on contract in Labuan, this time chartered to Shell until end of August this year.

1407, 2017

BP’s Rigs Arrive In The Region

Transocean UDW drillship Discoverer Luanda arrived in Singapore on 6th July following its mobilization from Angola and after a brief stopover continued its journey to Labuan where it arrived on 13th July to be stacked “on contract” pending any work that contract holder BP finds for the unit. This is unlikely as BP already have UDW semi Ocean GreatWhite also stacked in Labuan on contract. The Luanda’s charter ends in February 2018.

3006, 2017

Atwood Condor and Transocean Discoverer Are On the Move

Both Atwood UDW semi Atwood Condor and Transocean UDW drillship Discoverer Luan-da continue to head towards the region and are currently in the Indian Ocean. Discover-er Luanda has mobilized from Angola and is due to arrive in Labuan, where it will be stacked on contract, on 15th July. BP has the rig contracted until February 2018. Meanwhile Atwood Condor has now passed Mauritius and is heading to Singapore where it will undergo contract preparation before moving onto Australia towards the end of the year for its 12 well charter with Woodside set to begin in January 2018.

2306, 2017

Sapura Energy’s Jackup Tender Has Closed

Sapura Energy’s tender for a jackup to carry out six workovers and sidetracks plus two exploration wells with a total duration of 155 days has now closed with six or seven contractors having submitted bids said to include COSL, Ensco, Seadrill, JDC and PV Drilling amongst others. The program is scheduled to start in September. Sapura currently have Ensco 106 on charter until August but this rig is unlikely to be a contender since it is contracted to BP in Indonesia long term to start early 2018, however Ensco are likely to propose Ensco 108 which is available.

1506, 2017

BP Relocates Discoverer Luanda to Labuan

Labuan is becoming a dumping ground for unwanted UDW floaters. The latest to be mobilized to Malaysia is Transocean’s UDW drillship Discoverer Luanda which is on charter to BP until February 2018. The rig has been dis-patched from Angola in West Africa to be stacked in Labuan to see out its contract, joining seven other UDW units currently idle there. BP has already stacked another UDW floater, Ocean GreatWhite, in Labuan while it seeks work for the rig.

1406, 2017

Statoil and BP Agree to Great Australian Bight Deal

Statoil has agreed to a deal with BP to swap stakes in four exploration assets in the Great Australian Bight where BP cancelled a planned drilling campaign last year. Statoil has transferred its 30% equity interest in EPP 37 and EPP 38 to BP who in turn have transferred their 70% stakes in EPP 39 and EPP 40 to Statoil giving Statoil 100% ownership of the two permits. The Australian National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator has already approved the swap and Statoil has been granted a suspension and extension of the work commitments, including one exploration well in the UDW-block [...]

1206, 2017

Ensco 106 Relocated to Sarawak B15-A Field

Sapura Energy have relocated Ensco jackup Ensco 106 from location offshore Terengganu to Sarawak where it will continue its charter on the B15-A field. The rig is expected to remain on this location until end August when it will be released. The rig will then prepare for its 5 year charter with BP in Indonesia set to start early in the new year.

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