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2508, 2017

Chevron Australia Semi Bid Deadline Extended Again

Chevron has extended its bid deadline a second time for its upcoming Gorgon Gas Stage 2 development drilling program off Australia. Bids are now due August 31, a week later than the previous deadline. The program has two potential work scopes; 11 wells over a two-year period plus four option wells or 11 wells over 2.5 years plus four option wells. Start date is scheduled for late 2018 or early 2019 in water depths ranging from 650' to 4,430'. It is understood Chevron is requiring a rig with a 12-point mooring system or a combination moored, DP2/3 system keeping system.

1308, 2017

Chevron Australia Extends Floater Bid Deadline

Chevron have extended the bid deadline for their floater requirement for Stage 2 of the Gorgon Gas development until 24 August which is to start late 2018 or early 2019. The workscope is 11 wells, either taking 24 or 30 months, plus four 1-well options. Chevron requires either a floater capable of working in up to 1350m water depths with a 12-point mooring system or a unit with a combination DP2/DP3 system and a conventionally moored capability. Gorgon is located in permits WA-37-L and WA-36-L off Western Australia.

2907, 2017

Chevron Australia Releases Ensco 107

Chevron in Australia has released Ensco jackup Ensco 107 a little earlier than expected and have not exercised the last two options they held under the contract. The rig had been carrying out a plug and abandonment program at the Thevenard Island Retirement Project. The rig has now left Australia and is now heading back to Singapore where it will be stacked and is available.

2807, 2017

Transocean Andaman Has Been Released By Chevron

Transocean jackup Transocean Andaman has completed its long term charter with Chevron in Thailand, for whom it had worked since 2013, and has been released. Transocean have handed over the unit to new owner Borr Drilling. It is not known what Borr intend to do with the rig which is now stacked in Singapore. Two other Transocean jackups working for Chevron, Ao Thai and Siam Driller, have also been purchased by Borr but Transocean is to continue operating these units until expiry of their contracts with Chevron in October 2018 and May 2018 respectively.

907, 2017

Chevron Australia Issues Floater Tender

Following its initial request for Expressions of Interest for a deepwater moored /DP floater back in June 2015, Chevron in Australia is now proceeding with sourcing a floater for its Gorgon Gas Phase 2 development and to this end has now issued a tender. The drilling program is set to begin in Q1 2019 and is expected to last between 24 to 30 months. The Gorgon field lies in permits WA-37-L and WA-38-L in wa-ter depths between 200m to 1350m.

2906, 2017

SKD-T-12 To Be Warm Stacked in Indonesia

SapuraKencana tender assist barge (TAD) SKD-T-12 has completed its charter with Chevron in Thailand and has been demobilized to Indonesia where it has been warm stacked. The rig had worked for Chevron since April 2011.

1406, 2017

Chevron Australia Extends Ensco 107 Contract

Chevron have exercised more options on Ensco jackup Ensco 107 keeping the rig through until August this year. The operator retains 2 more options which if exercised will keep the rig occupied until October. It is undertaking a plug and abandonment program at the Thevenard Island Retirement project in permits TR/4, TL/4 and TL/7.

406, 2017

PTTEP and Chevron Thailand Hold Asset Talks

PTTEP is gearing up to bid to retain its ownership of the Bongkot field in the Gulf of Thailand and also has its eyes on acquiring the Erewan field currently operated by Chevron. PTTEP has been holding talks with Chevron over a joint bid for Erewan or increasing PTTEP’s stake in the field. The concessions for both Bongkot and Erewan expire in 2022 and 2023 and the Thai government in-tends to auction off the two concessions which account for 2/3rds of the countries gas production. The Department of Mineral Fuels have yet to finalize the contract model to be used [...]

306, 2017

Chevron Australia Continues To Move Ahead With Projects

Chevron continue their planning for Phase 2 of their Gorgon, Jansz-lo and Wheatstone developments and is currently seeking environmental approval for enhancing production for the Wheatstone and Iago fields. This is likely to involve up to 5 wells including the intervention of producing wells, some infill drilling as well abandonment of suspended wells. With water depths on 230ft a jackup could be used. Meanwhile back in March it was reported that Chevron was sourcing a deepwater floater with dual mooring systems for up to 4 years to commence in early 2019 and recently they have still been seeking interest from [...]

2905, 2017

Shelf Drilling Chaopraya Begins with Chevron Thailand

Shelf new build jackup Shelf Drilling Krathong has now commenced its 5-year charter with Chevron in Thailand. The sister rig to the LeTourneau Super 116-E design rig, Shelf Drilling Chaopraya, began its maiden 5-year charter with Chevron in December.

2105, 2017

PTTEP is Planning for New Investments

PTTEP is planning new investments or an extension of its operations in fields in Thailand as well as Malaysia and Myanmar. It will begin with a bid to extend the lease on its Bongkot gas field which expires in 2023 and which PTTEP has operated for over 20 years. PTTEP has also been in discussions with Chevron regarding entering a joint bid for Chevron’s Erewan gas field concession which is also up for auction in 2022. However if Chevron wishes to go it alone then PTTEP is prepared to compete with Chevron for the concession.

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