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CNOOC (APAC) 2017-08-10T12:36:04+00:00

Project Description

3108, 2017

COSLProspector To Complete CNOOC Charter

Market sources suggest that MDW semi COSLProspector (4,921') will complete work with CNOOC in the South China Sea in the fourth quarter of 2017. It is understood that the rig is being bid on work for 2018 and 2019 in the UK and Norwegian sectors, where the company has seen the most increase in tendering activity of late. The unit does not yet have a UK Safety Case or Norwegian AoC, which it would need to work in either of these countries.

2308, 2017

UDW / Floater New Build News

The former Frigstad Kristiansand, now Bluewhale II, nears delivery and is currently on sea trials. The 7th generation Frigstad D90 design 12,000ft wd rated semi is now owned by CIMC Bluewhale Rig Ltd and is set for delivery at the end of this month. No charter has yet been announced for the rig. Another Chinese owned semi-sub, COSL’s Hai Yang Shi You 982, under construction at Dalian Shipyard, is also nearing delivery, scheduled for early 2018. The harsh environment Agility GG5000 design rig is currently having its thrusters installed which will be followed by sea trials. The 5,000ft wd rated [...]

1408, 2017

COSLProspector Secures Charter

COSL’s harsh environment semi COSLProspector, which was completed in 2014 and has only worked for 2 months since its delivery, has secured a 4 month charter with CNOOC in east South China Sea near Taiwan. COSL have had difficulties in finding work for the Grenland GG 5000 design rig originally intending it to join its north sea fleet but has also been marketing the rig in other regions including Australia where it has obtained an Australian Safety Case.

1206, 2017

Hai Yang Shi to Commence with CNOOC

COSL UDW semi Hai Yang Shi You 981 has completed its 5-year SPS and has departed CIMC Raffles shipyard and headed to the South China Sea, near Hainan Island, for a new charter with CNOOC will will go through November this year. The rig has been in the shipyard since September last year.

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