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ConocoPhillips (APAC)

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Project Description

3107, 2017

Atwood Osprey Begins With Woodside Australia

Atwood semi Atwood Osprey has completed its charter with ConocoPhillips in the Bar-ossa field offshore Australia and has now begun a one well charter with Woodside which will keep the rig busy until September. The rig then has a gap before commencing its next charter, also with Woodside, in March 2018.

1407, 2017

ConocoPhillips Australia Is Evaluating Jackup Tenders

ConocoPhillips’ tender for a 400ft jackup to drill two (2) platform production wells and a subsea well in the Bayu-Undan field in the JPDA is in the clarification stage with bid evaluations having been completed. Five contractors are understood to have submitted bids, Ensco, Noble, Seadrill, Northern and Transocean. The 270 day program is set to start in April 2018.

1207, 2017

ConocoPhillips Australia Presents Timor Sea Project

ConocoPhillips has opened up for public comment their proposal for the development of the Barossa Area Offshore Project located in the Timor Sea north of Darwin in the Northern Territory. The proposal, through NOPSEMA, is open for eight weeks and is for between 10-25 development wells with a floater beginning in 2019. Drilling is to be carried out in three phases, the first for 6-8 wells over a period of 24-32 months, phase two will consist of 4-7 wells in 16-36 months and the last phase will involve 10 wells ex-pected to take 40 months. The development concept includes a [...]

1207, 2017

ConocoPhillips Australia Issues Floater Tender

ConocoPhillips Australia have followed up their Expression of Interest issued in May for a mid water semi-sub to drill one subsea production well in the Bayu Undan field in the JPDA in the Timor Sea and have now issued tender documents for a commencement between Q2 and Q4 2018. Water depths are 80m.

807, 2017

ConocoPhillips Malaysia Issues Jackup Tender

ConocoPhillips in Malaysia have followed up their market survey issued in February for a 400ft rated jackup with a tender. The firm term is two exploration/appraisal wells with option for two further wells in Blocks WL-4-00 offshore Sarawak in water depths up to 120m. The duration of the firm wells is between 50 and 80 days to commence in Q2 2018.

2906, 2017

Woodside are Seeking to Renew Permits NT-RL-2 and NT-RL-4

Woodside are seeking to renew their stakes in permits NT-RL-2 and NT-RL-4 for another 5-year term. The current term expires in December. The permits contain the Sunrise and Troubador gas fields. Partners in the two gas fields are Shell, ConocoPhillips and Osaka Gas as well as Woodside.

2906, 2017

Atwood Osprey Has Mobilized For Woodside

Atwood deepwater semi Atwood Osprey has completed its charter with ConocoPhillips in the Barossa field offshore Western Australia with a successful apprais-al well and has now mobilized to permit WA-483-P in the North Carnarvon Basin also off Western Australia for its one well charter with Woodside which will keep the rig busy until around No-vember. The rig’s next charter, also with Woodside does not start until March 2018.

806, 2017

ConocoPhillips Australia Is Reviewing Three Jackup Bids

ConocoPhillips have received at least 3 bids from contractors for its 400ft jackup requirement for a 3-well drilling campaign in the Bayu-Undan field in the Timor Sea. The 280-day charter is scheduled to begin in April 2018 and consists of 2 development wells off a platform and a sub-sea development well. A second subsea well has been culled from the program and included in a floater pro-gram that the operator has scheduled for June next year. The most likely bidders are Ensco and Noble who will both have rigs in Australia this year plus Seadrill.

106, 2017

ConocoPhillips Australia Continues to Review Bids

ConocoPhillips are said to have received at least three bidders for their tender for a jackup to drill two production wells off the Bayu Undan platform and one subsea production well with the entire program likely to last around 280 days. Commencement is scheduled for April 2018. A second subsea production well has been removed from the jackup program and is now a separate floater requirement. A 400ft capable rig is required and the two jackups currently contracted for work in Australia, Ensco 107 and Noble Tom Prosser are likely to be amongst the bidders with Atwood another likely respondee.

106, 2017

ConocoPhillips Australia Issues EOI for Mid-Water Semi-Sub

ConocoPhillips Australia have issued an Expression of Interest for a mid water semi-sub to drill a subsea production well in the Bayu Undan field in the Joint Petroleum Development Area in the Timor Sea. Water depths are 80m and commencement is slated to start between Q2 and Q4 in 2018. This well was originally part of the workscope for the jackup tender currently under evaluation.

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