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HCML (APAC) 2017-08-10T11:55:47+00:00

Project Description

2008, 2017

HCML Continues To Progress With Jackup Tender

Husky-CNOOC continues to make heavy weather of the tender for a jackup for their MBH, MDA and MDK development drilling project in the Madura Sea, having now invited the six qualified contractors to pick up tender documents for their latest re-tender. A pre-bid meeting was held on 11 August and attended by representatives of Apexindo, COSL, Seadrill, JDC, KS Drilling and Shelf. Bids are now due in on 29 August. The 7+2 well program is scheduled to commence in Q4 this year.

1508, 2017

HCML Commences Production

Husky-CNOOC have commenced production from their BD gas field in the Madura Sea. Water depths are 55m and the field facilities comprise a wellhead platform, an FPSO and four production wells, two of which are presently on line. The joint venture is currently tendering for a jack-up for a 7+2 well charter for the nearby MBH, MDA and MDK fields.

1508, 2017

Husky-CNOOC Jackup Bids Due This Month

After re-tendering in March, bids are due back to Husky-CNOOC (HCML) on August 29 for the operator's seven-well plus two-option contract in the MBH, MDA and MDK fields in the Madura Sea area off Indonesia. The qualified contractors, Apexindo, Seadrill, COSL, Japan Drilling, KS Drilling and Shelf Drilling, picked up bid packages at an August 11 meeting. Drilling is scheduled to begin late in 2017, so an award should be made in September.

1707, 2017

HCML Pre-Qualifies Five Contractors

Husky-CNOOC have pre-qualified five contractors for their long drawn out tender for a jackup for its 7+2 well drilling program in the MBH, MDA and MDK fields in the Madura Sea. Four con-tractors, Apexindo, JDC, COSL and Seadrill had already qualified from a previous failed tender and were joined by KS Drilling. The 18 month charter is to begin in December this year. HCML have been criti-cized by SKKMIGAS for continually favouring Chinese contractors so it will be interesting to see the results this time around.

1307, 2017

HCML Jackup Tender Still At The Pre-Qualification Stage

Husky-CNOOC’s tender for a jackup for a 7+2 well charter for their MBH, MDA and MDK fields in the Madura BD PSC continues to potter along as it has done since December 2015. Still at the pre-qualification stage (lost count how many tenders and re-tenders) they are currently re-questing clarifications from bidders, twelve of whom participated in the previous pre-qualification of which Apexindo, Seadrill, JDC and COSL managed to qualify and are exempt from the current pre-qualification exercise.

2906, 2017

HCML Still Evaluating Pre-Qualification

Husky-CNOOC are still floundering around with their re-tender for a jackup for the Madura BD PSC. They are currently evaluating responses to their pre-qualification with over ten responses said to have been received. Apexindo, Seadrill, COSL and JDC are already qualified to bid from an earlier tender. HCML began the process for this requirement in late 2015.

1206, 2017

HCML Resumes Jackup Tender

Husky-CNOOC have at last resumed their tender for a jackup for its Madura BD PSC drilling cam-paign. The pre-qualification part of the tender has been on hold since March and has now closed. Indeed the entire tender process is threatening to be one of the longest running saga’s in Indonesian tendering history having begun in November 2015, and Indonesia has had many such long running sagas’. The 7+2 well program is currently set to start in December, having already passed the original commencement date, and ten (10) contractors are understood to be participating in the tender this time with Apexindo, [...]

106, 2017

HCML’s Jackup Tender Has Been Suspended

Husky-CNOOC’s tender for a jackup for a 7+2 well program in the MDA, MBH and MDK fields in the Madura Sea has been suspended since end of March presumably while they awaited clarifi-cation from SKKMigas over an outstanding issue, and it is said that its pre-qualification activities will only resume in July. 12 contractors are participating with four, Apexindo, Japan Drilling, COSL and Seadrill already qualified by dint of their qualification in the original failed tender. HCML has exclusively used COSL for its last three campaigns, in 2011, 2012 and 2015. Tendering for this requirement began way back in November [...]

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