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KNOC (APAC) 2017-08-10T11:54:19+00:00

Project Description

609, 2017

KNOC Looking For Jackup

KNOC has issued a market survey regarding jackup availability for an exploration well in the Rong Doi Moi field in Block 11-2 off Vietnam. The 70-day well is currently scheduled to begin in 2Q/2018. Water depth in the field is around 230' and leg penetrations between 98' to 131' are expected. The operator has previously issued a market survey in February 2016 for an extended reach well, but has now opted for the standalone exploration well.

2007, 2017

KNOC Still Trying To Offload Drilling Rig

KNOC have given up on trying to flog their mid water semi Doo Sung as a drilling rig after two auctions failed to receive offers at their reserve price level. They are currently considering selling the 1984 built F&G L-907 design unit in non drilling mode or as scrap and are evaluation the legal ramifications of such a move before inviting bids again. The rig remains stacked at KFELS yard in Singapore.

3006, 2017

KNOC Mulling Over South Korea Drilling Plans

KNOC is still mulling over its plans for a drilling campaign in Block 6-1B Gorae offshore South Korea for which they issued a market survey for a floater in October 2016. Current plans are for two workovers from one wellbore with a duration of 50 dof two wells but depending on the results of a current seismic evaluation they are considering adding an exploration well to the scope of work. Water depths are 150m and commencement would not be before late 2018.

2406, 2017

KNOC Vietnam Awaiting Management Approval

KNOC still has its extended reach well in Block 11-2 offshore Vietnam on its radar and hopes to have management approval shortly. A market survey for a long legged jackup for this requirement was initially issued in February 2016 but the program later postponed. Current plans are to drill the 110 day duration ERW in May 2018 subject to approval.

1206, 2017

KNOC Relocates Midwater Semi Doo Sung Back to Singapore

KNOC’s midwater semi Doo Sung has been moved from its anchorage in Malaysia back into Singapore waters and is moored dockside beside Tuas Naval Base. Presumably it has been moved to make it easier for prospective buyers to survey the rig. KNOC have issued a second tender for its sale after the first failed to garner offers above the reserve price.

106, 2017

KNOC Still Trying to Sell Their Rig

KNOC has been unsuccessful in selling off their 1984 F&G L-907 Enhanced Pacesetter Doo Sung which they had sought tenders for a sale on an as-is basis. The rig is warm stacked in Malaysia. Apparently bids received were all below their reserve price. KNOC indicated that they still aim to sell off the unit and have issued a second tender for which responses are now under evaluation. KNOC could continue to issue tenders until they receive an offer above their reserve price but they are now also considering selling the unit for other uses rather than as a warm stacked [...]

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