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Ophir Energy (APAC)

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Project Description

1408, 2017

Topaz Drilling To Mobilize For Petronas Indonesia

Vantage jackup Topaz Driller completes its charter with Ophir Energy in Thailand this month and will next mobilize to Indonesia for its next contract with PC Indonesia for two development wells in the Ketapang PSC which are expected to take up to 180 days keeping the rig occupied until February next year.

1907, 2017

Ophir Indonesia Extends Pre-Qualification

Ophir Energy’s pre-qualification submission date for its re-tender for an UDW floater has been extended to early August. Five contractors have been invited to participate, Apexindo (who presumably will represent an international contractor), COSL, Ensco, Seadrill and Transocean. Ophir requires a semi or drillship capable of working in 1800m water depths and MPD capable for an explora-tion well in the West Papua IV PSC. The re-tender has removed the requirement for an Indonesian flagged vessel of which there are none and has also lowered the local content requirement reduced to 15%.

2706, 2017

Ophir Myanmar Postpones Campaign

The commencement of the one well Ophir Energy deepwater drilling campaign in Block AD-02 is being delayed further while Ophir search for a strategic partner for the block. Originally set to begin in late 2016 with the operator believed to have made a tentative commitment to use Transocean UDW drillship Dhirubhai Deepwater KG2 which is drilling nearby for Woodside, the program was pushed into 2017 and is now set for sometime in 2018. Water depths are around 2,000m.

2606, 2017

Ophir Thailand Planning for Phase 4

Ophir Energy is planning for Phase 4 of the development of the Bualuang field in the Gulf of Thailand, likely commencing in June 2018. The work scope will include 14 development wells and an expansion of the water disposal capacity on their Bravo platform. A jackup will be required for the program which is expected to last for around one year.

2206, 2017

Ophir’s Indonesia Floater Tender Has Stalled

Ophir Energy’s re-tender for a one well deepwater floater in 1800m water depths in the West Papua IV PSC has stalled while some participants prepare to submit additional documents under the pre-qualification exercise aimed at proving their suitability for the project. The original tender failed due to having only two bidders. Two bidders are understood to have met the pre-qual criteria to date, KS Drilling who have no floaters in their fleet and are apparently representing an unnamed principal and PT SWP who are believed to represent Seadrill. Ophir are seeking an MPD capable unit. Commencement is May 2018.

1106, 2017

Ophir Energy Indonesia Issues Floater Rebid

After Ophir Energy's first tender for an UDW floater failed due to there only being two bidders, a re-bid is underway with only two qualified bidders which should enable Ophir to proceed with a direct appointment. By specifying a managed pressure drilling system they reduced the number of rigs able to meet this requirement to just two. The scope of work is one well in the West Papua IV PSC beginning in May 2018.

106, 2017

Ophir Energy’s Indonesia Tender Failed

Ophir Energy’s tender for a deepwater floater for a well in West Papua IV PSC which was issued in mid May has already failed “due to lack of qualified bidders”. A re-tender is already in progress with registration by interested contractors now open. The well is to be drilled in 1800m water depths in May next year and Ophir require an MPD capable unit. The next step following a failed bid can sometime be a direct negotiation.

2405, 2017

Vantage Topaz Driller is Keeping Busy with Ophir Energy

Vantage jackup Topaz Driller is drilling ahead on its 3 well charter with Ophir Energy in the Bualuang field offshore Thailand with two development wells and one appraisal well that will keep the rig busy until July unless Ophir exercise their options for two further wells.

2305, 2017

Ophir Energy to Proceed With Phase 4 of the Bualuang Oil Field

Ophir Energy is to proceed with phase 4 of the Bualuang oil field in the Gulf of Thailand, in-vesting some $145m between now and 2020. Planned are a new 12-slot bridge linked well-head platform containing additional power generation facilities and plans to drill another 14 wells. First oil from the expanded facilities in expected in the second half of 2018. The operator is currently drilling two development wells and a step-out appraisal well using Vantage jackup Topaz Driller. Ophir bought out former operator Salamander in 2014.

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