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Project Description

709, 2017

Pertamina Hulu Goes Out On Its Own In Indonesia

Reports are now emerging that PERTAMINA Hulu Energi North Sumatra Offshore (PHE NSO) has issued a market inquiry for a MDW floating rig to undertake a one-year drilling program in Block NSO off Sumatra. Work is said to consist of a P&A program lasting around 125 days plus a 240-day, three-well exploration campaign in around 338' of water. The operator had attached two wells to a tender put out by PERTAMINA Drilling Services (PDSI) on behalf of TAC PERTAMINA Blue Sky Langsa. As there appears to be no progress on that tender, PHE NSO has now opted to go on [...]

2508, 2017

Pertamina Hulu Jackup Bids Now Out

PERTAMINA Hulu Mahakam has now made bid documents available for pickup by rig owners bidding on its two-year jackup requirement in the East Kalimantan area off Indonesia. It is understood a mandatory prebid meeting will be held August 25, with bids due September 19. Rig requirements include a 350' jackup built after 2000 with 434' of usable leg below the hull, a 70' x 30' cantilever envelope, a minimum of 3 x 2,200 HP, 7,500 psi mud pumps and 3,000 HP drawworks. Drilling is scheduled to begin 1Q/2018, with a local content requirement of 35%. PERTAMINA received pre-qualification documents from [...]

2208, 2017

Pertamina Tender Updates

Pertamina Hulu Mahakam’s tender for two swamp barges for 1+1 year terms starting in early 2018 is drawing near to a year in gestation and is still in the technical evaluation stage. It remains difficult to comprehend why it takes so long. The tender requires Indonesian ownership which puts Apexindo in pole position with a choice of three suitable Indonesian flagged rigs that have worked for in Mahakam field for a decade of more and therefore hardly un-known technically. It is not as if there are many qualified bidders or even many swamp barges around. The ten-der was issued in [...]

1608, 2017

Rani Woro Remains On Standby For Pertamina

Apexindo jackup Rani Woro remains on standby in Balikpapan while waiting instructions from Pertamina Hulu Energy Abar to mobilize to the Abar block in northwest Java for a 2-well char-ter although the final workscope has not yet been agreed. With the rig contract still awaiting signature it is likely that the charter will not now start until September. An earlier market survey had suggest-ed the program duration to be between 3

2907, 2017

Total Indonesia Charters Apexindo Rig

Apexindo have picked up a new charter for one of their swamp barges in the Mahakam basin offshore Indonesia. Total, who relinquish the Mahakam PSC on 1st January 2018, have chartered the Maera from 1st July until end December when they hand over the PSC to Pertamina Hulu Energi Mahakam. The rig had completed its previ-ous charter with Total last March. This charter will prob-ably enhance the rigs chances, as a hot rig, of winning one of the two swamp barge requirements by PHE Ma-hakam starting in January 2018. Apexindo have also offered their other two swamp barges, Yani and [...]

2807, 2017

Pertamina Yet To Finalize Swamp Barge Tender

Pertamina Hulu Energi Mahakam have yet to finalize their tender for two swamp barges for separate 2+1 year drilling programs off Balikpapan beginning in early 2018. The operator, who is due to take over the Mahakam PSC from Total in January, first issued an EOI for this requirement in October 2016 followed immediately by a tender then a re-tender in April 2017. As an Indonesian flagged unit is compulsory it is difficult to see why evaluation is taking so long when there are only three such units in existence and all owned by Apexindo, all of which have been working [...]

2807, 2017

Apexindo Jackup Rani Woro Awarded Pertamina Contract

Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ in Indonesia had issued an EOI for an Indonesian flagged jackup for 2 exploration wells in the Abar and Anggursi areas back in April and have now awarded Apexindo jackup Rani Woro the work through a direct appointment via its subsidiary PHE Abar and Anggursi. The contract duration is between 60-80 days and commencement is around mid August when the rig completes its 5-yearly special survey.

2707, 2017

Ensco 67 Off Location Undergoing “Scheduled Maintenance”

Ensco jackup, 1976 built LeTourneau Class 84 Ensco 67 is currently off location undergoing “scheduled maintenance” rumoured to include repairs to cracks in the legs. The rig, on charter to PHE WHO in Indonesia until December, is expected to be out of service for around 37 days and is currently in shallow water in the Madura Sea.

2507, 2017

ExxonMobil Withdraws From East Natuna Block

The long drawn out story of ExxonMobil’s involvement in the East Natuna Block (sometimes called Natuna D Alpha) which contains one of the world’s largest untapped gas reserves, estimated at 46Tcf may be coming to an end. The US giant has stated that after conducting a technology and market review, it is withdrawing from the development of the field as it has concluded that it is uneconomical under the current terms. The field, discovered in the 1970’s, is in 150m water depths but has a 70% carbon dioxide content and development costs have been projected as being as high as [...]

1307, 2017

Pertamina Completes Swamp Barge Tender Evaluation

Pertamina Hulu Energi Mahakam is said to have completed its evaluation of bids received against its tender for two swamp barges, both to commence in January 2018 for 2+1 year charters. Apexindo, who have three swamp barges stacked in the Mahakam area, and PT Sudjaca Palembang are known the have submitted bids, the latter likely on behalf of Shelf with the Hibiscus. There is believed to be another bidder which earlier had been identified variously as a Chinese company and/or KS Drilling. Local content requirement is 50% which enforces an Indonesian flagged unit.

807, 2017

Pertamina Finalizing Floater Contract

Pertamina Drilling Services is still evaluating bids received for a floater to undertake two separate assignments to TAC Pertamina Blue Sky Langsa who have a work scope of 3 workovers and to Pertamina Hulu Energi North Sumatra Offshore who have a 2+1 well program. Currently they are holding face-to-face meetings understood to be with two bidders. Commencement is December 2017. PDSI is to charter the rig and assign it to the two operators. With a dearth of shallow water floaters in the region it will be interesting to see what rigs have been offered.

307, 2017

Pertamina Floater and Jackup Searches are Ongoing

Although Pertamina Drilling Services (PDSI) has included 2 P&A wells on behalf of Pertamina Hulu Energi North Sumatra Offshore (PHENSO) into their ongoing tender for a floater, the operator has issued its own market survey presumably for the same drilling program but specifying a jackup to commence anytime in 2018. Water depths are 107m with each firm well set for around 75 days duration.

2806, 2017

Eni’s Jangkrik Field Has Produced Its First Shipment of LNG

Eni’s deepwater Jangkrik gas field has produced its first shipment of LNG, ahead of schedule, with the cargo destined for the domestic market in the country. The cargo has been shipped from the Bontang liquefaction plant to Bali as the first shipment of a long term LNG contract with Pertamina. Eni holds a 55% stake in the Muara Bakau PSC which contains the Jangkrik field with partners ENGIE and PT Saka Energi.

2006, 2017

Pertamina Rig Tender Updates

The scope of work under Pertamina Drilling Services (PDSI) current tender for a floater to be deployed to drill for TAC Pertamina Blue Sky Langsa has been added to with two wells plus an option well on behalf of Pertamina Hulu Energy North Sumatra Offshore (PHE NSO) which will now be the first wells drilled in the program scheduled to start in December this year. The work scope for the Langsa field is said to be for five well interventions and one re-entry well. A mid water floater is required. Langsa was last drilled by riserless drillship Norshore Atlantic which [...]

1506, 2017

Soehanah Begins Charter for Pertamina

Apexindo BMC-375 jackup Soehanah has begun its 1+1 year charter with Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ) in the Java Sea. The rig is next available ei-ther in June 2018 or June 2019 depending on whether the option year is exercised. The contract for this long running tender process had been signed in April.

1206, 2017

Woodside Enters LNG Agreement With Pertamina

Woodside has entered into a long term LNG sale and purchase agreement with Indonesia’s Pertamina to supply LNG commencing in 2019. The deal makes Woodside a significant supplier of LNG to Indonesia and will be sourced from the company’s global portfolio.

1206, 2017

Pertamina Continues to Evaluate Jackup Pre-Qualification Responses

Pertamina Hulu Mahakam continues to evaluate pre-qualification responses submitted by eleven (11) participants in their tender for a premium jackup for a 2-year charter operating offshore Mahakam in East Kalimantan and commencing in Q1 2018. Contractors are currently responding to HSE queries issued by the operator.

1106, 2017

Apexindo Provides Rig and Contract Updates

Apexindo jackup RaniWoro, built in 1982 and formerly the West Bonanza which Apexindo pur-chased in 1994, is now undergoing its seventh 5-year SPS. It is currently alongside a jetty in East Kalimantan after completing its charter with Pertamina Hulu Energi Nunukan (PHENC). Apexin-do say they are closing in on a follow on charter for the rig, likely PetroJava who had been hoping to use the op-tion that PHENC had on their contract for the rig.

106, 2017

Pertamina’s Jackup Pre-Qualification Continues

Pertamina Hulu Energi Mahakam’s pre-qualification will evaluate the contractor’s previous working experience as well as its current project, the validity of company document’s and audited financial reports and its health and safety Management system. Sounds ominous for Harmoni Drilling. Eleven contractors are understood to have submitted pre-qualifications including UMW, Apexindo, KS Drilling, Shelf, COSL, Harmoni, Seadrill, Rowan, Vantage, JDC and Ensco. PHM requires a 350ft capable jackup built after year 2000 for a 2-year charter commencing in Q1 2018. Local content is a more normal 35%.

2505, 2017

Soehanah En Route To Commence With Pertamina

Apexindo operated jackup Soehanah is en route to the Java Sea to commence its 1+1 year charter with Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ) offshore Indonesia which it is expected to begin in the first week of June. The rig will next be available in June 2018 or June 2019 if the option period is exercised.

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