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Project Description

2308, 2017

Petronas Awards One-Well Contract To PV Drilling

PV Drilling has been awarded a one-well contract from Petronas Cagigali for a 34-day well off Malaysia. Jackup PV Drilling III (400'-IC) will begin work once it completes its current contract for Thang Long JOC, which is expected shortly. Unless further work is secured, the rig will be complete the Petronas work in early October and will be idle until March 2018 when it will undertake a one-year plus one-year option, six-well program in the Bunga Pakma Field in Block CAA PM3 for Repsol Sinopec.

1408, 2017

Topaz Drilling To Mobilize For Petronas Indonesia

Vantage jackup Topaz Driller completes its charter with Ophir Energy in Thailand this month and will next mobilize to Indonesia for its next contract with PC Indonesia for two development wells in the Ketapang PSC which are expected to take up to 180 days keeping the rig occupied until February next year.

208, 2017

Sapura Energy Expecting First Gas From B15

Sapura Energy has announced that it is expecting to have first gas from its B15 development project in Block SK310 offshore Sarawak by August or September this year. The field was discovered in 2010 and is being developed with a central processing platform and a 35km gas pipeline tied into existing Sarawak infrastructure exporting to the Bintulu LNG plant. Sapura Energy has a 30% participating interest and partners with Petronas Carigali, at 40% and Diamond Energy Sarawak Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation at 30%.

108, 2017

Petronas To Hand Back Vietnam Blocks

Petronas is to hand exploration blocks 01 and 02 back to PetroVietnam when the lease expires in September this year. The Malaysian NOC has operated the two blocks, which contain the Jade, Ruby and Emerald fields, since 1991. Petronas, who retain blocks 102 and 106 in North Vietnam, are to retain operatorship of the production facilities in Blocks 01 and 02. A long line of SEA based jackups have drilled in the two Blocks with the last drilling in 2015 with troubled jackup Naga 6. This was Petronas’ first successful international venture.

3107, 2017

PTT Acquires $500m Interest in LNG Project

PTTEP and PTT Group have announced that they have acquired a 10% stake, worth $500m, in Petronas’ liquefaction plant MLNG Train 9 in Sarawak. PTTEP stated they were looking to further expand in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia and Myanmar and were awaiting results of a few bid proposals for exploration projects in the region.

3107, 2017

Seadrill Mobilizes For Petronas Malaysia

Seadrill jackup West Telesto has mobilized to its drilling location in Malaysia and has already begun its 90-day firm charter with Petronas Carigali. The F&G JU2000E design rig will next be available in mid October but could be longer if options are exercised by PCSB.

2707, 2017

Hess Malaysia Commences Production

Hess has begun gas production from its North Malay Basin Integrated Gas Development project following hookup of the topsides for the central processing platform. The development, in Block PM302, is around 300km offshore the Terengganu Gas Terminal and consists of nine gas fields in an average water depth of 55m. Development involved installation of four wellhead platforms, aside from the central processing platform, intra-field and export pipelines and associated subsea isolation valve skids, a moored floating storage and offloading unit and drilling of 14 shallow production wells. Hess currently has UMW jackup Naga 8 carrying out the development drilling. Hess [...]

2707, 2017

Petronas Ships First LNG Cargo To Thailand

Petronas has shipped its first LNG gas cargo to Thailand from its Bintulu LNG plant after signing a long term deal with PTT. Petronas is committed to deliver up to 1.2m tonnes of LNG a year for 15 years. Petronas already supplies gas to Thailand from its Yetagun field in Myanmar and from the Carigali-Hess gas fields in the JPDA. PTT is in talks with Petronas to acquire a 10% interest in one of Petronas’ LNG projects in Malaysia, likely Block SK316 offshore Sarawak.

2607, 2017

UMW Naga 3 On Location For Petronas

UMW jackup Naga 3 has left KSB supply base in Malaysia and is now on location for Petronas Cari-gali to commence its eight well charter in early August. The rig will first drill in the Samarang field for an estimated 153 days then move onto the Takau Timor block for the remainder of the approxi-mately one year firm charter. PCSB also holds options for a further 5 wells which would keep the rig busy until around April 2019.

2607, 2017

Topaz Driller Awarded Petronas Indonesia Contract

Vantage Drilling jackup Topaz Driller is to return to work for PC Indonesia for 2 wells after an award made under a direct appointment. PCI had re-tendered for a jackup for 2 wells in the Ketapang PSC and 1 well in the North Madura II PSC after its first tender failed when less than three bidders had qualified due to its Cabotage requirement. The charter duration is for 6 months and will begin immediately after the rigs current assignment with Ophir in Thailand, either August or September depending on options. The rig, which previously worked for PC Indonesia between 2013 [...]

2507, 2017

ExxonMobil Withdraws From East Natuna Block

The long drawn out story of ExxonMobil’s involvement in the East Natuna Block (sometimes called Natuna D Alpha) which contains one of the world’s largest untapped gas reserves, estimated at 46Tcf may be coming to an end. The US giant has stated that after conducting a technology and market review, it is withdrawing from the development of the field as it has concluded that it is uneconomical under the current terms. The field, discovered in the 1970’s, is in 150m water depths but has a 70% carbon dioxide content and development costs have been projected as being as high as [...]

1207, 2017

Seadrill Secures Malaysia Contract With Petronas

Petronas Carigali in Malaysia, whose current contracted fleet of seven drilling rigs are all Malaysian owned, has had to turn to a foreign owned unit for their latest tender for a 2 well plus options charter for offshore Sarawak. Seadrill jack-up West Telesto is to commence its new charter before the end of the month with the firm period taking it to the end of October. This is the first award made to a non Malaysian rig by PCSB since Tasha in 2014.

907, 2017

Naga 3 and Naga 4 to Commence With Petronas

UMW’s two jackups chartered to Petronas Carigali, Naga 3 and Naga 4, are now expected to begin their contracts before the end of July. Both rigs have been at Kemaman Supply Base undergoing contract preparation. Naga 3 has an 8+2 well charter expected to keep it busy until at least July 2018 and Naga 4, which has just arrived on location to begin its 5 well charter, will be tied up until May 2018.

907, 2017

Petronas Mauritania to Finally Mobilize Norshore Atlantic

After several false starts the multipurpose drilling vessel Norshore Atlantic is now due to leave Singapore for West Africa and mobilize this month to take up its charter with Petronas Carigali in Mauritania. Initially the drillship was due to mobilize in March and has been delayed several times. It is to carry out 15 abandonments and decommission of the Chinguetti and Banda fields in 800m water depths.

707, 2017

Petronas Malaysia Moving Forward With Jackup Contracts

PC Ketapang, part of PC Indonesia would appear to be pursuing two separate rigs for their Ketapang and North Madura II drilling campaigns with an LOA believed to have been awarded for 2-wells of 6-months duration for the first campaign through “direct selection”. The selected rig is said to be one that has worked for PC Indonesia previously. These include the Topaz Driller, Tasha and COSLBoss. The initial tender for this work was declared “failed” back in May. PC Indonesia also has an ongoing pre-qualification for a 1-well + 2 options charter for a 400ft capable rig for its North [...]

507, 2017

Petronas Myanmar Issues Floater Market Survey

PC Myanmar has released a market survey seeking information on the provision of a floater for a three well drilling campaign in Myanmar. Commencement is for Q4 2018 and the wells will be drilled around the Yetagun field which lies in Blocks M-12, M-13A and M-14A. Wa-ter depths are 110m. PCM had origi-nally planned this campaign for Q2 2018.

2906, 2017

Petronas Expands UMW Campaign

Petronas Carigali have firmed up some of the options on the two charters for UMW jackups Naga 3 and Naga 4. Naga 3 will now drill 8 wells instead of the earlier announced 5 wells which will equate to about 12 months work. Naga 4, originally contracted for 2+3 wells now has a firm charter of 5 wells. Both rigs are on standby at KSB in Malaysia and due to start their charters in August and July respec-tively.

2806, 2017

Apexindo Jackup Tasha Commences With Premier Indonesia

Apexindo jackup Tasha has begun the first phase of its two phase drilling charter with Premier Oil in the Natuna Sea offshore Indonesia. The rig is on location in the Anoa field and is expected to complete the first part of its charter in late October. The optional Phase 2, if exercised, would begin in Q2 2018 and could last for 324 days. The rig could fill the gap between Phase 1 and Phase 2 by being awarded the PC Indonesia work currently being direct negotiated.

2706, 2017

Petronas Malaysia’s Jackup Tender Has Closed

Petronas Carigali’s tender for a jackup for a one well program has closed. Following a market survey in May the NOC issued a tender earlier this month with around 13 contractors believed to have attended the pre-bid meeting. The 33-day charter is to begin in the first half of September. A 400ft rated rig was required of which there are around ten units in the region available by the commencement date.

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