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PV Drilling (APAC)

/PV Drilling (APAC)
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Project Description

2308, 2017

Petronas Awards One-Well Contract To PV Drilling

PV Drilling has been awarded a one-well contract from Petronas Cagigali for a 34-day well off Malaysia. Jackup PV Drilling III (400'-IC) will begin work once it completes its current contract for Thang Long JOC, which is expected shortly. Unless further work is secured, the rig will be complete the Petronas work in early October and will be idle until March 2018 when it will undertake a one-year plus one-year option, six-well program in the Bunga Pakma Field in Block CAA PM3 for Repsol Sinopec.

2308, 2017

PV Drilling Awarded KrisEnergy Contract

Market sources say that PV Drilling has been awarded the 90-day contract from KrisEnergy. Drilling with jackup PV Drilling I (350'-IC) will take place in the Wassana Field in Block G10/48 starting on 09-10/2017. The rig has just completed a contract.

2008, 2017

Murphy Vietnam Seeking Approval To Drill

After cutting short a 2-well drilling program by drilling only one well in block 11-2/11 with PV Drilling jackup PV Drilling II back in May, Murphy in Vietnam are now seeking approval to drill the second well this quarter or when approval is received. PVD II is not available until December at the earliest but Murphy will take either PVD I or PVD III both of which are available later this month.

1908, 2017

PV Drilling Fleet Update

Vietsovpetro has an option to include some workovers in its contract with PV Drilling for jackup PV Drilling II which began a 4+4 well charter in the Bach Ho field offshore Vietnam in June with the firm period lasting until December. Should the options and workovers be exercised the rig will be tied up until mid 2018 at the earliest. Two other of PV Drilling’s jackups are due to complete their charters this month. PV Drilling III is set to be released by Than Long JOC on 20th August. The rig has been drilling 2 wells in block 15-2/01 commencing [...]

1408, 2017

Murphy Announces Vietnam Discovery

Murphy have announced that the well drilled by PV Drilling jackup PV Drilling II in block 11-2 in May this year is a shallow water oil discovery. The rig had been chartered for 2 wells but the program was cut short so that the operator could pick a new drilling location to appraise the discovery. They now intend to drill the second well this year and will use a jackup from PV Drilling.

1408, 2017

PV Drilling Secures Repsol Malaysia Contract

Repsol has awarded a contract to PV Drilling for one of its two outstanding jackup tenders. The PV III (400'-IC) will undertake the one-year plus one-year option, six-well program in the Bunga Pakma Field in Block CAA PM3 starting March 2018. Water depth at the location is around 165'. The rig is currently working for Than Long off Vietnam and is scheduled to complete that work in early September, after which it will have an idle gap until starting the Repsol contract. The operator also has another one-year plus one-year contract for the Kinabalu block to award, with market speculation [...]

3006, 2017

PV Drilling Busy with HLJOC, JVPC and Premier Oil

PV Drilling jackup PV Drilling VI is still with Hoang Long JOC and will not now begin its next charter with JVPC in Block 15-2 until 13th July. JVPC has the rig for 60 days for an infill well and a workover after which the rig will move onto Premier Oil for an 80 day charter keeping the rig busy until October.

2206, 2017

Rosneft Vietnam Awards PV Drilling 2018 Jackup Contract

Rosneft in Vietnam have awarded a one well charter to PV Drilling jackup PV Drilling VI to commence in Q2 2018. The 95 day rig charter is to drill an HPHT well in Block 05-03/11. PVD have signed a total of six contracts with Rosneft with a value of $42m which includes well services and other technical ser-vices as well as the rig charter. The rig is currently on contract with Hoang Long JOC then has follow on work with JVPC and Premier which will keep it occupied to late October or early November. It will then be idle until [...]

1806, 2017

PV Drilling is in Contract Negotiations with Idemitsu

PV Drilling continues to scoop up all jackup work within Vietnam and is now currently in negotiations with Idemitsu for one of their jackups to fulfill the exploration drilling campaign in Blocks 39/20 and 40/02 due to now commence in 2018, likely Q2, the traditional starting time for Vietnamese drilling. Idemitsu first issued a market survey for this requirement back in June 2016 but the program was pushed from mid 2017 into 2018.

1406, 2017

JVPC and Premier Oil’s Charters Pushed Back

In Vietnam Hoang Long JOC’s campaign with PV Drilling jackup PV Drilling VI is now likely to stretch into early July thus pushing back commencement of its next charter with JVPC and that of the follow on charter with Premier Oil. The rig will next be available in late October or early November.

1306, 2017

PV Drilling II Mobilized for Vietsovpetro

PV Drilling jackup PV Drilling II has mobilized from Vung Tao to the Bach Ho field offshore Vietnam and has commenced its new charter with Vietsovpetro. The 180-day contract is expected to keep the rig busy until December after which the rig is again available.

1206, 2017

Cuu Long JOC Plans to Drill Second Well

Cuu Long JOC in Vietnam have now received management approval for the second well which is part of the contract for PV Drilling jackup PV Drilling I but which had not been approved at the time the rig began the first well under the 2-well charter. The rig has completed the first well, a workover in Block 15-1 and has just begun the second well. This will keep the rig busy until either 8th or 31st Au-gust this year.

106, 2017

PV Drilling Have Picked Up Another Domestic Contract

In Vietnam PV Drilling have picked up yet another domestic contract, a 130-day well for Vietsovpetro with an option for a further well, for jackup PV Drilling II. The rig has just completed a 2-well charter with Murphy Oil which was un-expectantly cut to a single well and has demobilized to Vung Tao. It is expected to mobilize to VSP’s location in early June and will be kept busy until October after which it is again available. Prior to Murphy the rig’s previous charter was also with VSP back in Q4 last year.

2705, 2017

PV Drilling VI To Remain With Hoang Long JOC

PV Drilling jackup, PV Drilling VI, will remain with Hoang Long JOC in Vietnam until mid June now instead of early June thus delaying its start with JVPC in Block 15-1 for its workover plus an infill well estimated to take 60 days. The rig then has an other follow on charter with Premier Oil for 2 infill wells keeping the rig busy until October.

2705, 2017

Than Long JOC Commences Drilling Offshore Vietnam

PV Drilling jackup PV Drilling III has commenced its 2-well drilling charter with Than Long JOC in Block 15-2/01 offshore Vietnam. The 129 day campaign will keep the rig occupied until August/September after which it is again available.

2505, 2017

Murphy Oil Completes Drilling In Vietnam

Jackup PV Drilling II has been released by Murphy Oil in Vietnam after completing the first of a 2-well charter, the operator deciding only to drill one well instead of two. Murphy have decided to drill the second well later in the year. The rig is now in Vung Tao preparing for its next charter with Vietsovpetro to begin early June and which will keep it busy until October.

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