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Quadrant Energy (APAC)

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Project Description

208, 2017

GSF Development Driller I Preparing For Quadrant Charter

Transocean UDW semi GSF Development Driller I, currently still stacked in the Canary Islands, is being reactivated to take up its recently awarded charter by Quadrant Energy in Australia at a cost of $25m. It has been cold stacked since April 2016. The 2005 built F&G ExD design has both conventional and DP mooring which is all the rage in Australia. The rig will mobilize to Australia in time to start its 3 well charter sometime in March 2018 which will keep the rig busy until Q3/Q4 2018. This is the first UDW unit to emerge from cold stacking during [...]

2607, 2017

Quadrant Awards Floater Contract To Transocean

The influx of UDW rigs into the region continues with the award of a 200 day charter to Transocean UDW semi GSF Development Driller I by Quadrant Energy in Australia, highlighting the failure of regionally based rigs to pick up charters within the region. The 2005 built rig is currently cold stacked in the Canary Islands having last worked in Angola until April 2016 is chartered for 3 wells at the Van Gogh field and the Phoenix South well off Western Australia and will commence drilling in Q1 2018. The drilling program is expected to last 6 months with two [...]

1407, 2017

Quadrant Energy Project Updates

Carnarvon Petroleum, partner to Quadrant Energy, have shed more light on the confusion over Quadrant’s tender for a floater and a jackup for the Dorado well and the Phoenix South well which was eventually cancelled. Carnarvon confirmed they had received offers for jackups for the Dorado well to be spudded this year but claimed there was limited jackup availability for the sec-ond half of this year. This does not ring true as at the time of bid submission the Ensco 107 would have been available in either August or October and the Noble Tom Prosser in November, the latter could [...]

1906, 2017

Quadrant Energy Tender Rumours

Quadrant Energy, whose chopping and changing over their floater and jackup requirements has been confusing, are believed to have selected the winning floater for their 2 well plus 2 infill wells plus options program in the Van Gogh field and the Phoenix South well and are expected to announce their selection shortly. The rumour mill suggests it is between Ensco with Ensco 8504 and Transocean with GSF Development Driller I with Brokers suggesting a moored UDW rig from outside Australia as the likely winner. Both have dual mooring systems. DD1 has been cold stacked in the Canary Islands since April [...]

1106, 2017

Quadrant Energy To Issue Revised Tender

Quadrant Energy have cancelled its tender issued for a semi and/or a jackup and will now include the two floater wells, Dorado and Phoenix South, into their tender for a mid water floater originally issued for a 2+3 well program in the Van Gogh field in the Exmouth Basin. Quadrant is said to have received 9 bids for the latter floater program which is set to begin in May 2018. The shallow water well for the jackup has now been postponed until sometime in 2018 and is likely to be fulfilled by a direct negotiation.

106, 2017

Quadrant Energy Reviews Floater and Jackup Tenders

Quadrant Energy is said to have received nine bids for its mid water floater requirement for the Van Gogh field in the Exmouth Basin. The 2-infill wells plus 3 options drilling campaign is set to begin in May 2018 and is in water depths between 340-380m with the firm duration to be around 130 days. With a dearth of mid water floaters now in the region there are likely to be offers from deepwater as well as ultra deepwater rigs. The only mid water floater in Australia is the Stena Clyde. Meanwhile Quadrant is still mulling over the proposals it [...]

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