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Saka Energi (APAC)

/Saka Energi (APAC)
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Project Description

1208, 2017

PT Saka Now Back in Jackup Hunt For Indonesia

After initial indications of drilling plans in July, followed by biong put on hold earlier this month, market sources now say PT Saka Energi has issued a market survey for a second jackup for development drilling in the Ujung Pangkah and South Sesulu fields off Indonesia. It is understood drilling will begin within the next six months. The program was originally scheduled for two-wells plus two options, but that has reportedly not been confirmed in the most recent survey. The operator currently has COSL jackup Hai Yang Shi You 937 (300'-IC) in the area working under a two well plus [...]

208, 2017

Saka Indonesia Puts Proposed Tender On Hold

Saka Indonesia has reportedly put on hold a proposed tender for a second jackup to work in its Ujung Pangkah and South Sesulu fields off Indonesia. The program was to have been for two wells + two options and would have started in late 2017. Saka currently has COSL jackup Hai Yang Shi You 937 (300'-IC) in the area working under a two well plus eight options contract that is likely to keep the rig busy to April 2018.

3007, 2017

Saka Indonesia Completes First Well

COSL jackup COSL 937 has just completed its first well for PT Saka Indonesia in the South Sesulu PSC of its 2+8 well charter and has relocated to the Ujung Pangkah PSC where it will drill the second of the firm wells. Saka has indicated it will exercise some if not all of the option wells but will only do so closer to the completion of the firm program.

2906, 2017

Saka Indonesia Still Considering Second Jackup

PT Saka Indonesia is still considering bringing in a second jackup to assist current incumbent COSL 937 in order to speed up the explora-tion and development of their Ujung Pangkah and South Sesulu fields. The operator is now preparing an invitation to bid for the work though no issue date has been revealed. The work scope would be for 2+2 wells commencing in Q4 this year.

1406, 2017

Saka Expected to Complete First of Two Wells

COSL jackup COSL 937 is expected to complete the first of its 2 wells plus 8 option wells charter with Saka Indonesia sometime this week. It will then relocate from the South Sesulu PSC off East Kalimantan to the Sidayu satellite project in the Ujung Pangkah field in the Madura Sea. Saka has yet to exercise any options but is expected to do so before the end of the second well.

1106, 2017

Saka Indonesia is on the Lookout for another Jackup

Saka Indonesia is looking into the prospect of hiring an additional jackup to accelerate the drilling campaign in the Ujung Pangkah PSC and South Sesulu PSC currently being carried out by COSL jackup COSL 937. If it decides to proceed it will offer a 2+2 well charter to begin in Q4 this year and will require a minimum 350ft rated unit.

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