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Sapura Energy (APAC)

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Project Description

2508, 2017

ENSCO 106 Preparing For BP Indonesia Contract

Jackup ENSCO 106 (400'-IC) has completed operations in Block B15 for Sapura Energy, completing the contract. It is now mobilizing to Singapore where it will undergo contract preparations for its upcoming five-year plus three-year option program with BP in the Tangguh PSC off Indonesia, with work starting in December.

2208, 2017

PVEP Planning For One Well Program

In Vietnam PVEP POC are planning a one well jackup program for Block 15-1/05 for 2018. This would be phase 2 of the exploration period of the PSC. The block was formerly operated by Phu Quy POC who made two discoveries using Vantage jackup Topaz Driller back in 2010. Water depths are 48m and partners in the block are now PVEP with 40%, Murphy with 35% and SK Energy with 25%.

208, 2017

Sapura Energy Expecting First Gas From B15

Sapura Energy has announced that it is expecting to have first gas from its B15 development project in Block SK310 offshore Sarawak by August or September this year. The field was discovered in 2010 and is being developed with a central processing platform and a 35km gas pipeline tied into existing Sarawak infrastructure exporting to the Bintulu LNG plant. Sapura Energy has a 30% participating interest and partners with Petronas Carigali, at 40% and Diamond Energy Sarawak Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation at 30%.

2907, 2017

Sapura Further Defers Rig Deliveries

KeppelFELS have reached an agreement with SapuraKencana Drilling to further defer the deliveries of two semi-tender assist rigs currently under construction, SKD Kinabalu and SKD Raiqa. Originally set for deliv-ery in 2017, the dates were pushed back into 2019 and have now been pushed back further to 2020. The yard has been compensated for the delays. SKD Kinabalu, originally KM3, is a Frigstad T70 design rig originally ordered from Kencana shipyard in Malaysia back in 2011. In 2014 it was announced that due to serious construction delays the unfinished rig would be moved to another shipyard to complete construction and [...]

2307, 2017

Sapura Energy Award Expected

Another imminent award is against the tender issued by Sapura Energy for a long legged jackup for 6 workovers and two wells to be drilled in Block SK408 offshore Sarawak. The leg length re-quirements may be a stretch for 400ft rated rigs which makes JDC’s Hakuryu 11 the favourite to win this award. The rig, stacked in Labuan since June 2016, is rated for 425ft water depths, the only longer legged unit in the region. The program is set to begin in September.

2906, 2017

SKD-T-12 To Be Warm Stacked in Indonesia

SapuraKencana tender assist barge (TAD) SKD-T-12 has completed its charter with Chevron in Thailand and has been demobilized to Indonesia where it has been warm stacked. The rig had worked for Chevron since April 2011.

2306, 2017

Sapura Energy On Track To Commence SK310 B15 Production

Sapura Energy is expecting to begin production from its SK310 B15 field offshore Sarawak before the end of the year. The B15 gas field was discovered in 2010 and the development comprises a central processing platform delivering gas by pipeline to the Bintulu LNG complex. Sapura have a 30% interest in the field with Petronas Carigali holding 40% and a subsidiary of Mitsubishi holding 30%.

2306, 2017

Sapura Energy’s Jackup Tender Has Closed

Sapura Energy’s tender for a jackup to carry out six workovers and sidetracks plus two exploration wells with a total duration of 155 days has now closed with six or seven contractors having submitted bids said to include COSL, Ensco, Seadrill, JDC and PV Drilling amongst others. The program is scheduled to start in September. Sapura currently have Ensco 106 on charter until August but this rig is unlikely to be a contender since it is contracted to BP in Indonesia long term to start early 2018, however Ensco are likely to propose Ensco 108 which is available.

1206, 2017

Sapura Energy Issues Jackup Tender

Sapura Energy have followed up their pre-qualification issued in April with a tender for a long legged jackup for a workscope of 6 workovers/sidetracks with a duration of 95 days plus 2 exploration wells which will add another 60 days to the term. Commencement is scheduled for Q3 this year. The selected rig will work in both Peninsular and East Malaysia.

1206, 2017

Ensco 106 Relocated to Sarawak B15-A Field

Sapura Energy have relocated Ensco jackup Ensco 106 from location offshore Terengganu to Sarawak where it will continue its charter on the B15-A field. The rig is expected to remain on this location until end August when it will be released. The rig will then prepare for its 5 year charter with BP in Indonesia set to start early in the new year.

806, 2017

Sapura Energy Awarded PTTEP Myanmar Contract

Sapura Energy subsidiary Sapura Offshore has won an EPCI contract from PT Gunanusa Utama Fab-ricators for their client PTTEP to provide and install new wellhead platforms, pipelines and modify existing platforms in the Zawtika field offshore Myanmar. Completion date for the project is set for March 2018.

706, 2017

PTTEP Planning for Montara Operations

PTTEP is readying its Montara field offshore Australia for its short drilling campaign to be under-taken by Noble jackup Noble Tom Prosser set to begin in September, after the rig arrives from the Middle East. Sapura Energy are shortly to complete repair and maintenance work in the Montara field which had included saturation diving and remotely operated vehicle intervention work.

206, 2017

Sapura Energy Drilling Scraps SKD Berkat

SapuraKencana Drilling have decided to scrap their 1982 built tender assist barge SKD Berkat, formerly known to many as the Teknik Berkat. The barge has already been mobilized to Chittagong in Bangladesh where it will be cut up. The rig had been owned by Crest Petroleum and operated by Robray Off-shore before being sold into a joint venture, Varia Perdana, between Crest and Smedvig who had in the meantime bought out Robray. Smedvig later became Seadrill who then sold out the tender rig fleet to Sapura Kencana. The rig last worked for Petronas Carigali in 2014 and has been stacked [...]

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